Monday, July 15, 2013

What Inspiration We Receive from Others!!

   A week ago, Laurie Wilson, from Doodle Pantry, wrote about the Blackberry Jelly she had recently made. She also showed the cute labels she designed for the jars (you can check out the entire article here and I've included one of her pics below).  In case you don't know, Laurie is the talent behind all those wonderful digi images and papers at Doodle Pantry.

   I asked Laurie if she would share her recipe (because it sounded SO delish). She wrote me with all the instructions and included some extra special tips. And I was blown away.  Her jelly certainly was a labor of love. :-)
   I wanted to try it, but I was a little intimidated by all the steps. However, I had recently bought the digi paper package that she had used for her labels, so I thought . . . "I have to make some jelly just so I can make some super cool labels like hers" -- or similar to hers.
  * * Ta da * *  I did it.  Saturday I made Strawberry (they were cheaper than blackberries and we really like strawberries) Jelly AND Jam.  I only did both because I had bought too many strawberries.  And, it actually turned out great -- if I do say so myself.  We noshed on crackers and strawberry jam/jelly Saturday night. I think I could have eaten the entire jar by myself.
  On Sunday I designed and made my labels. I decided to use the red digi-paper for the jam and the green digi-paper for the jelly.  Both are in the Country Flavors Digi Paper Pack from Doodle Pantry. Click on the name to check it out.
  Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your wonderful recipe with me (I'm sorry I didn't make Blackberry, but living in Florida . . . well, Strawberries are very abundant down here).  On a side note:  the Jam was SO much easier to make that I think I'll stick with jam from now on . . . at least when I'm using Strawberries.  Maybe one day I will make Blackberry Jelly, because it really does sound good.
     Today's post may not be a "card" idea . . . but hopefully it will inspire you to use your papercrafting supplies in other ways also. What will you create with your cardstock, stamps (digi or rubber) and glue?
Keep Crafting,

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  1. Mmmmmm, the jam looks so yummy! And your labels are simply adorable! Thanks for the mention.


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