Thursday, April 9, 2015

Using Baker's Twine

Just like glitter (see this post here), I have more Baker's Twine that I could ever possibly use in my lifetime.   So I came up with an idea to use "some" of it (like the glitter, this embellishment does not use that much twine, unless I make 500 of these little guys . . . out of each color lol).

How about another Photo Tutorial?  Two in one week, you say??  What has gotten into her??

So, grab your craft supplies and let's get started.

Supplies needed:
Baker's Twine~any color
Metal Paper Clip (I used the smaller size, but any size would work)
Cardstock~I used a 1" x 2-1/2" scrap piece

Step One:
Wrap the Baker's Twine around the cardstock (I wrapped 7 times, but it's up to you, depending on how thin or thick you want your "tassel") 

Step 2:
Open the larger end of the paper clip a bit and slide it under the Baker's Twine. Then close the end back up.
Note: I suppose you don't have to "open-close" the end; I just found it easier for me. 

 Step 3:
I placed the paper clip on the long end of the cardstock for the next step mainly because I didn't have 3 hands, which would have helped. The ideal would be to create/have a little "holding" pin/nail/bar/doohickey thing, but I didn't.

Step 4:
Cut a piece of Baker's Twine about 10" long and fold in half. 

Step 5:
Wrap the above piece around the "tassel" area and tie a knot as close to the end of the paper clip as possible. 

Step 6:
Cut the looped tassel ends and the ends of your "knot" even. Fluff (I used the 4 strands from the "knot" as part of the tassel). 

I was going to use these tassels on a different card, then I remembered Doodle Pantry has the perfect set for my purple and orange tassels ~ Cheer Spirit

I created the background paper by placing different sized pompoms in Word (the benefit of working with png files).  The sentiments are computer generated.

The inside of the card finishes the sentiment.

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Cheer Spirit


  1. What a fun card! The tassels are the perfect embellishment.

  2. What a great card and I loved your twine tutorial!

  3. I LOVE it, great tutorial and card!

  4. Very cute and tfs the tutorial!!


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